About the Conferencing and Media Management program

In 2016, Penn State Information Technology (IT) determined that Adobe Connect was not meeting the University’s live-streaming and media-management needs. As a result, Penn State IT developed a strategy and began to search for a central media management and streaming platform and video service that would better suit the University community. The Conferencing and Media Management program first selected Zoom for conferencing services and adopted Kaltura shortly thereafter to store and stream media.

Meanwhile, Penn State IT began planning to phase out Adobe Connect in favor of the combined use of Zoom and Kaltura.

Media including training videos and lectures will be copied from Adobe Connect to Kaltura by Penn State Information Technology beginning in fall 2018. Users do not need to take any action to move or copy content to Kaltura. Adobe Connect service will not be disrupted while media is being copied over to Kaltura. Starting December 2018, Adobe Connect will be placed in a “read-only” state in which users can continue to view media but will be unable to edit or upload additional media. Adobe Connect will be completely retired in May 2019. The FAQ below details the Adobe Connect retirement process.


Q: Is Kaltura replacing Adobe Connect?

A: Yes, the combination of Zoom and Kaltura is replacing Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect will be fully retired by May 17, 2019.

Q: How long will I be able to use Adobe Connect to host meetings?

A: You will be able to host meetings using Adobe Connect until December 17, 2018. At that time, Adobe Connect will move to “read-only” status, which means recordings can still be linked to, but new recordings cannot be created and meetings cannot be hosted.

Q: How long will I have access to my existing recordings in Adobe Connect?

A: Even though you will not be able to host new meetings or create new recordings, you will have access to your existing Adobe Connect recordings until May 17, 2019.

Q: How are Kaltura and Zoom different from Adobe Connect?

A: While Adobe Connect shares certain web conferencing and media management features with both Zoom and Kaltura, Kaltura provides richer media management tools, a more robust integration with Canvas, and an integration with Zoom that automates media management workflows by automatically publishing Zoom cloud recordings directly to your private media repository in Kaltura.

Q: What will happen to my Adobe Connect recordings?

A: Media including training videos and lectures will be copied from Adobe Connect to Kaltura by Penn State Enterprise Information Technology during fall semester 2018. This means that all your existing Adobe Connect content will be available to you on your My Media page in Kaltura when the content is copied over.

Q: What will the migration process look like?

A: Although Kaltura will be available as of Aug. 20, 2018, users will still be able to live-stream, record videos, access recorded videos, and host meetings with Adobe Connect. Full access to Adobe Connect will continue through Dec. 16, 2018. Users will still be able to access Adobe Connect recordings in a “read-only” mode from Dec. 17 until May 16, 2019, but will not be able to create new content, host meetings, or record live streams with Adobe Connect in that span. All access to Adobe Connect will end on May 17.

Q: Where can I pose questions and/or concerns about the change?

A: Members of the Kaltura implementation team will be offering three, one-hour long, face-to-face and Zoom town hall sessions in late September and early October for members of the University community who want to learn more about the transition, ask questions, or voice concerns about it. A representative for Kaltura will also be in attendance. Further details on these sessions and information on how to register and submit questions in advance will be forthcoming.