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Kaltura is Penn State’s enterprise-level, cloud-based media management platform for storing, publishing, and streaming videos, video collections, and other media. Kaltura will work in tandem with Zoom, the University’s conferencing system, to help users record, store, and stream media.

Media Hosting

As a media streaming and storage platform, Kaltura simultaneously stores such content as videos, audio recordings, and presentations while providing the ability to stream on-the-go or to a desktop device through their MediaSpace website, their mobile application, or through embedded links, a media player in Canvas or other platforms.

Mobile Capability

The Kaltura MediaSpace GO (KMS Go) app offers a convenient and easy-to-use application for students, faculty, and staff members to view, record, manage, and edit video. Working with Canvas, the University’s learning management system, students can watch lessons, record and edit assignments or projects, and take quizzes within videos with Kaltura content embedded in Canvas.

Seamless integration with Canvas and Zoom

Kaltura integration with Penn State’s learning management system, Canvas, creates easy lecture capturing and streaming, video-based assignment submissions, and the addition of in-video quizzes. Kaltura will enhance the University’s conferencing service, Zoom, with additional webinar, live-streaming, and interactive video capabilities.

Valuable functions outside of Canvas

The Kaltura MediaSpace or “Campus Tube” creates unit-specific media storage options that can be used to create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live or recorded videos, presentations, or webcasts. Information will be shared soon on how units can request their own view.

Kaltura Capture

With Kaltura Capture, everyone is a creator. With just one click, you can capture multi-streamed recordings, easily record video synced with PowerPoint, or capture your screen. You can post Kaltura Capture-made videos on an external website, MediaSpace, or Canvas. Kaltura offers a step-by-step guide and quick videos to help you get Kaltura Capture installed and running to record your next project.

360-degree videos

Kaltura will provide the University increased opportunities to produce and use 360-degree videos for a variety of academic, research, or community engagement activities. Working with 360-degree videos will continue the University’s goal of innovation and digital fluency across the Penn State community. 360-degree videos can be viewed through KMS Go mobile application on iOS mobile devices, but cannot be viewed on iOS devices using the Safari or Chrome web browsers. Android phones 4.3 and later can view 360-degree videos on the Chrome mobile browser.

Accessibility features

Most menu items, buttons, and other major functions are easy to navigate and can be accessed by assistive technology. MediaSpace also supports different levels of contrast to ensure everyone can view the website and videos. More information is available at Penn State Kaltura Accessibility.


For help using Kaltura, view the following documentation and tutorials.


A resource to help students get started using Kaltura in their Canvas courses.

Teachers and Instructional Content Creators

Live training options and other learning resources for teachers, instructional designers, multimedia specialists, instructional production specialists, and anyone who uses Kaltura in Canvas.

Non-Instructional Staff

Learning resources for Penn State staff who wish to use the Penn State MediaSpace Portal to create and publish digital media with the Penn State community or the world.

Vendor Session Recordings

An introduction to Kaltura’s main features and tools available in Canvas and in MediaSpace, including how to publish, edit, and delete media, create new videos with Kaltura Capture, create interactive video quizzes, and view media analytics.

Kaltura FAQs

Q: What is Kaltura?

A: Kaltura is Penn State’s new media management and streaming platform that provides a *secure and cloud-based system for the University to store and share rich media content. Through the MediaSpace Video Portal, Penn Staters can create, upload, edit, share, and watch on-demand videos, presentations, webcasts, and other rich media content, anytime, anywhere. Kaltura supports all forms of rich media including videos, images, and audio files, and is integrated with Canvas, providing students and faculty members with full access to Kaltura’s features and tools through the course navigation menu. *Note: This tool should ONLY be used for Level 1 and Level 2 information, in compliance with University Policy AD95 and its corresponding Standards. High-risk or restricted data is not permitted while recording. Refer to Penn State Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q: How can I benefit from Kaltura?

A: Kaltura aggregates media assets in one place, making them more accessible and shareable instead of having them scattered across YouTube, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Box, other streaming media services, desktops, and mobile devices. All Penn State students, faculty, and staff members can store and share digital assets, including large media files, from a central location. With the Canvas integration, students can consume and interact with rich media in their courses without navigating to an external website or application.

Q: How do I get access to Kaltura?

A: All Penn State students, faculty, and staff members can access MediaSpace, which is Penn State’s online platform for video and multimedia content by logging in with their Access Account user ID and password at psu.mediaspace.kaltura.com. Faculty members who wish to use Kaltura in Canvas will be able to enable the Kaltura integration in the course navigation.

Q: Does Kaltura integrate with Canvas?

A: Yes! With Kaltura’s integration with Canvas, the University’s learning management system, faculty members have full access to Kaltura’s media creation, editing, and sharing tools within Canvas. Faculty members can share media with students through the course-specific Media Gallery page, embed videos, images, and audio files in a discussion or on a Canvas page, create interactive video quizzes, and view video analytics. For more information on the Kaltura tools available in Canvas and how to enable them, please review the Knowledge Article: What Kaltura Tools are Available in Canvas?

Q: Does Kaltura integrate with Zoom?

A: Yes! With the integration with Zoom, the University’s conferencing and video streaming service, all cloud-based Zoom recordings are automatically uploaded to Kaltura, allowing you to manage all your media from one central location. For instructions on how to add the Kaltura integration to your Zoom account, please review the Knowledge Article: Add Kaltura to your Zoom Account.

Q: What types of files can I upload?

A: Kaltura supports most video and audio formats including MP4, MOV, FLV, MP3, WMV, and WAV files. For a complete list of the formats and specifications supported by Kaltura, consult Kaltura’s list of supported formats.

Q: How much can I store in Kaltura?

A: There are no restrictions on how much Penn Staters can store in department-specific MediaSpace or individual My Media accounts.

Help and Support

Having technical issues or need help? Contact an IT Service Desk by submitting an help request with the Penn State Help Request Portal.

For a full list of contact methods, visit the complete list of campus IT service desk locations.

For questions or comments about the transition, contact kaltura@psu.edu